Yi Tae-Jin

  • Historian & Author
  • Former Bureau Member of Union Académique Internationale(2015~19)
  • Emeritus Professor of Seoul National University
  • Former President. National Institute of Korean History

Introducing Yi Tae-Jin

Emeritus Professor Yi Tae-Jin of Seoul National University, a noted historian and former president of the National Institute of Korean History, relates his stunning discovery about a peculiar period in European and East Asian history here.



Peace In The East

An Chunggun’s Vision for Asia in the Age of Japanese Imperialism (Co-edition; Yi Tae-Jin, Eugene Y. Park, and Kirk W. Larsen), Lexington Books, Lanham-Boulder-New York-London

The Dynamics of Confucianism and Modernization in Korean History (Cornell East Asia Series)

  • Series: Cornell East Asia Series (Book 136)
  • Hardcover: 443 pages
  • Publisher: Cornell University – Cornell East Asia Series (March 31, 2010)
  • The March 1st Independent Movement of Korea and Colonial Rule (2019)
  • History Unended (2017)
  • A Study on Forced Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty (2016)

…and 27 more books

PAPERS published in English (Recent)

  • The San Francisco Peace Treaty and the Problems Regarding Japan’s Exemption from Blame for the Colonization of Korea, Cultural and Religious Studies, Volume 6, Number 1, January 2018 (Serial Number 38), David Publishing
  • The Treaty of San Francisco From the Perspective of International Peace Movements in Early Twentieth-Century America, Cultural and Religious Studies, Volume 6, Number 2, January 2018 (Serial Number 39), David Publishing
  •  A Case for the Modifiability of the San Francisco Peace Treaty: Examing the Varying Positions of U.S. and Britain Over South Korean Participation. Cultural and Religious Studies, Volume 8, Number 2, January 2020 (Serial Number 39), David Publishing
  • Interpreting the Creation of the UAI within the Context of the International Peace Movement in the Early Twentieth Century: From Wiesbaden 1899 to Paris 1919, From A Republic of Scholars To A Community of Researchers – Perspectives on the History of the International Union of Academies(UAI), 1919-2019, Edited by Jean-Luc De Pape, Pierre Jodogne, Isabelle Algrain, BREPOLS, Brussels.
  •  Neo-Catastrophism and a New Global Interpretation of History, Asian Review of World Histories 1-1, January 2013, The Asian Association of World Historians.


<International Activities>

  • 2001-2019, Member of the Organizing Committee for the Conference of Korean and Japanese Historians
  • 2013-2019, Chair of the Organizing Committee in Korea for the Conference of Korean and Japanese Historians
  • 2015. 6. – 2019. 11. Bureau Member. Union Académique Internationale, International Union of Academies
  • 2003. 9– 2004. 1. Guest Teaching Professor. East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
  • 2007.7 –Now. Member of the Academy of Social Science ROK

<Universities and Academic Institutions>

  • 2010. 9~ 2013. 9. President. National Institute of Korean History
  • 2007. 7~ Now. Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Korea
  • 2007.1~2010. Co-Chairman. Harbin Society for Ahn Jung-geun
  • 2009.3.~ Now. Emeritus Professor. Department of Korean History, Seoul National University
  • 2006. 8~2008.8. Dean. College of Humanities, Seoul National University
  • 2004.1~2005. 2. President. Korean Association of Academic Society
  • 2004.2~2006.1. President. Institute of Korean Cultural Studies, Seoul National University
  • 2003.1~2004.12. President. Korean Historical Association
  • 1988. 2~1992. 5. Head of Department of Book Management of Kyujanggak, Seoul National University Library
  • 1997.1.~1999.12. President. Chintan Society


  • 2019. 5. 28th Sudang-Awards, Samyang Corporation
  • 2010. March 1st Awards (The Samil Prize), Academy part, The Samil Foundation
  • 2003. Baeksang Publication Awards, Writing part
  • 1989. Chiam Academic Awards
  • 1986. Wolbong Writer’s Awards