Little Ice Age Timeline

  • 1392

    Sillok, the Veritable Record of Joseon Dynasty, was started recording.

  • 1515

    Jun. 12th. Sillok Record

    Heavy hail in summer and a birth of five-legged calf were recorded.

  • 1519

    In Korea, a phenomenon that looked like many flying arrows were observed and recorded in Sillok.

  • 1520


    Apr. 2. Two suns appeared.

  • 1543

    May 4th, at Meyl von Phortzhaim, a dragon-like fireball striking the earth was illustrated.

  • 1570

    Jan. 12th. In Kuttenberg, burning torches like candles in the sky were illustrated.

  • 1570

    Oct. 23. A calf with many legs was born.

  • 1605

    Jan. 27th, Sillok recorded; “a shooting star appeared. Like an arrow with a fiery head, it was over ten feet long and grew to the size of a ridgepole [when viewed from the vantage point]. It arose from the west and headed northeast, falling in Jurchen territory. The whole area, above and below, was red all over. It became bright far and near, followed by thunderous sounds, which subsided in a moment, it is said.”

  • 1609

    Sep. 23rd. Sillok Record:

    On the nineteenth day of the eighth month, in the mi hour (1:30–2:30 pm), in the northwest part of the county, dark clouds suddenly covered an area encompassing a town and nearby fields stretching for about ten ri to its east. With deafening thunders, a shower of ice and hail bombarded the area for over four hours before stopping. The size of the formidable hail ranged from the egg of a goose to that of a duck and down to that of a chicken. They poured down simultaneously, destroying crops. Even birds and beasts, when hit, perished in great numbers. Hopes of harvest evaporated in a moment.

  • 1668

    May 5th. Sillok

    In the areas of Jeonui and Mokcheon, the ground was covered with frost. A man living in Myeongcheon area had a horn on the right side of his forehead. His horn was similar to the curved horn of a goat.

    Though the date not known, a very similar illustration was found in Europe. (below)

    A Man with a horn. Date unknown
  • 1670

    May 28th, Lissabon, Portugal. An illustration of four suns.

  • 1680

    Dec. 16/26. Nurenberg.